Airbnb Host Management Services in Baltimore

Partner with HostAid to Earn 3x
More Than by Renting to a Traditional Monthly Tenant!


Short term rentals are all the rage these days as more and more property owners use Airbnb to maximize their monthly rental income. If you’re not listing your property on Airbnb, or other short term rental rentals platforms, you’re potentially leaving thousands of dollars a month on the sidelines! Of course, creating and managing multiple rental listings simultaneously can be difficult, time consuming, and technically challenging. At HostAid, we take the hassle of short term rental management off your shoulders and make the process of managing your Airbnb and short term rental listings completely passive! We’ve proven great success in providing full time short term rental management in other cities across the northeast; now we want to use our knowledge and expertise to maximize property owner’s income in Baltimore!

Rental Management Services in Baltimore

HostAid’s team is comprised of hospitality experts with experience keeping properties rented at maximum occupancy. Not only do we create and manage your listings across upwards of 30 rental platforms, we also respond to all guest inquiries, complete cleaning and turnover between guests, stock operating supplies, and more! If you’re looking for rental management services in Baltimore, HostAid can take care of all the leg work while you sit back and collect increased income on your rental properties.

Why HostAid

HostAid was founded on the simple idea that every client Relationship should be a win/win…

  • We do all the work
  • Our technology + scale increases your gross income
  • You get more income resulting in our fee covering itself

We've held true to this idea and have never taken on a client who hasn't made more with HostAid, than without HostAid!

Property owners's average increase in income



Our Service

HostAid's team is comprised of Hospitality Experts with a keen eye to detail. We always ensure your property is rented at maximum occupancy, and your guests are happy, comfortable, and safe.

Average Guest Review

We are only compensated on positive guest reviews



Multiple Property Listings

Listing and optimizing your property across multiple platforms to maximize exposure and increase revenue


Responding to guest inquiries and emergencies 24/7 during and after stays

Daily Pricing

Updating pricing daily with our intelligent and adaptive algorithm so you can compete with even the best hotels

Guest Bookings

Managing guest bookings, communication, and greeting/key exchange

Professional Cleanings

Providing professional cleaning between guest stays


Screening potential guests for security and fit

Short Term Rental Management in Baltimore

Market research firm Longwoods International estimates that over 24 million people visit Baltimore each year to see the sights like the National Aquarium, Inner Harbor, Oriole Park, the various art museums, and so much more. Don’t leave all those tourism dollars in the hands of chain hotels; HostAid can help you keep your short term rental booked at maximum capacity all year around using sites like Airbnb. In other cities, we’ve been able to help property owners increase their rental income by up to 200% over renting annually and we can do the same for you in Baltimore.

Airbnb Property Management Services in Baltimore

There’s clear advantages of using HostAid for your Airbnb host management services in Baltimore, and we’re more than happy to handle the entire process of your short term rental property. Annual renters are a hassle, they cause damage to your property, and you could stand to make up to three times more money with short term rentals… so what are you waiting for? Contact HostAid today by calling (267) 291-4784 or by sending an email to to get started. Don’t hesitate; let us start providing you with Airbnb property management services in Baltimore today!

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